Because You Do Projects…

I loved getting an email from you today with a picture of the craft project you did with our kids–the ‘Rainy Day Craft Project.’

First, the project itself was cute. I could see them sitting there working on it.

Second, it’s cool that you do those projects with them–that you’re a creative mom.  I’m so thankful that you work hard to find things for them to do. You take your job seriously.

I love you for that.


A Few Thoughts…

What’s going on my lady?

Last night we had our last bits of sugar (in the form of cake, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, etc) and alcohol until after Easter. Yes, we are getting all Lent with our diet.  I’m trying to think of a couple good habits for us to take up during the same time period and maybe a focus or two spiritually.

The thing I like about doing this is that we’re doing it together. We’re on the same page. We both know that sometimes we don’t take the best care of ourselves and this is a time to reset. We’ll probably get annoyed with each other, but that’s ok.

I pray that during these next 47 or so days, that we’ll grow closer, get healthier, feel more energetic. If we can pull that off, it’ll be a win. Then we’ll have some cake.