Because You Know I’m Stressed…

I’ve had a series of rough days recently. It’s been nice having you to come home to. I know I’ve probably been a bear–sorry about that.

One of the bad days, you met me w/ a margarita at the door. Yesterday, you just gave me a hug and did your best to encourage me. And you did. I felt loved and encouraged. It’s good to know that there’s someone who truly hurts a little when I hurt. Thanks for being a shoulder for me and an ear.

Just like you women don’t always want us men trying to solve your problems when you share them, I don’t need you to fix my stuff. I just need to be able to have a rough day and have a healthy outlet to share my frustrations. In addition to so many things, you’re that healthy outlet. I’ve not always used you that way, but I’m getting better and it’s so nice that you’re there.

I love you–thanks for letting me go through it and be a little strength for me.


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