Because You Bring Peace…

I do believe this is a repeat, but the peacefulness in our house has been tangible this week. Yes, we have little toddlers and a preschooler who go crazy on occasion and who cry and who are difficult to understand at times.

That said, you do a wonderful job at maintaining the place, at making it feel warm, inviting to me when I get home and safe for our kids. Even if we can’t always keep up with intense cleaning and laundry and we get worn out, you do a superior job at keeping clutter at bay (sorry when I’m one of the worst clutter culprits).

You actually are having a rough day as I type this. You’re not feeling great about yourself and you feel a little ‘less than’.  I wish you knew how much I appreciate you (and I know–I’ve been an ass a time or two). You are truly, truly one of the three solid things in my life: God, you, our kids.  You are beautiful and sweet and funny and have so much to offer….. I think I’ll write another post and schedule it for tomorrow (the day that is causing you stress when you think of it).

In the meantime, know that I feel like we have a house that is a sanctuary. Thanks for that.

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