Because You Looked Sweet…

This morning in the bed with our daughter. The boys were downstairs being crazy 2 yr old boys. I was getting ready for work. When it was time for me to head out, I came into our room and there you two were. Sweetly sleeping. Soft sound of the fan. Soft breathing. You’re on my side, she was on your side. You stir, you get up, you silently get out of the room pulling me with you so we don’t wake her up.

I would have loved to have left you guys alone in there. It was like the boys were downstairs keeping the ladies safe. Although in reality I was ironing a shirt, checking Google Analytics on my other blog, emptying the dishwasher, eating cereal, and changing diapers. The boys… they were throwing their stuffed animals around and doing puzzles.

I love those sweet moments where I feel like a protective husband and dad. And where you look so at peace.


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