It’s a New Year

Hi Sweetie!

This is the first new year since I’ve started this blog. I have no clue whether or not there will be more new years before I show you this project (or before you discover it somehow). We’ll see.

This past year started kind of on a semi-down note. It was down, but rising. I spent most of the year in a personal development mode, learning to be a better person in general and a better husband and dad in particular.

You deserve my absolute best. You don’t deserve a time slot. You deserve priority billing. When I’m at work, you deserve for me to do my absolute best to support our family. When I have free time, I need to make sure that I prioritize my health and exercise so I can be as keen and present when I’m around. You don’t need a couch potato husband. When I spend time with God, growing in my faith, you don’t need some dude who knows a lot about theology. You deserve a guy who give his all for Christ and who serves Him primarily and who allows the character of a man of faith be priority, not head knowledge.

When we’re together, you deserve my full attention–not preoccupation with work and my blackberry. You deserve the best of what I have: my attention, my sense of humor, my kindness and gentleness, my wisdom (such as it is), and my patience.

This year, you deserve a good, light, fun year. You also deserve a year where we learn to be a family that gives to others, that encourages others, that is a ‘light on a hill’ as was sermonized at our wedding. It’s our year, sweetie. 2011.

I love you,



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