Because You Looked Cute This Morning…

You came downstairs today wearing some blue PJ pants and a white t-shirt and a green hoody. Yes, your hair was a littel disheveled. You were still shaking some sleep from your eyes, and your initial reading of Gingerbread man half-asleep on the couch draped with toddlers and a pre-schooler betrayed a ‘wish I had 45 more minutes’ weariness.

Still, you looked so pretty this morning. I’ve always loved your sweet prettiness. There are times that you look beautiful, times when you look cute, and I know that ‘pretty’ doesn’t sound exciting, but to me, it speaks of sweetness, softness, natural-ness, and kindness. I pray you have a wonderful day today. I pray that you enjoy our little kids. I pray that you experience peace and joy. I pray that you have fun. I pray that if you need a break, that you take it. I pray that if you need to talk to an adult, you make a call.

I love you.


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