Because You’re Quirky…

It was funny that last night when you were going to The Melting Pot w/ your group of twin, trip, and quad moms, I had a feeling it might not be your bag.

I mean–communal cooking of meat? Seriously? If I (Mr. ‘Germs Do You Good’) think about it long enough, I get a little disgusted. Cooking veggies in the same pot of oil that someone else is dipping their shrimp into? And there were over 8 or so of you? All of you dipping in the same pots?

Fondue places should be reserved for dates or double dates…maybe.

The deal is that I konw your quirk: mixed food, seafood, potential for germy-ness, etc. are things that you aren’t fond of. OK, sometimes I’d be cool if germs didn’t make you so nervous, but on the whole, it’s become one of these bits of you that I really love. Seriously. If you didn’t look at me funny until I washed my hands after going to the grocery store, I’d want to know what happened to my wife.

So, although I know you won’t believe me, I love your quirks. I know you don’t always love them, but I do. Now, go wash your hands. 🙂


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