Because I’m Thankful for Her

Given that it’s Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to do a Thanksgiving post for this blog. I love you because I’m thankful for you.

When we met, my life was in a tailspin. Think about it. I’d just resigned (by request, not choice) from being a youth pastor in Destin. I was auditing claims for a crop insurance company and living with my parents. I’d just turned 30. Doesn’t that just exude ‘winner.’

We met and fell in love. Unfortunately for you, you’ve had to deal with some of the repurcussions of that resignation up to a little over a year ago. Thankfully, you’ve stuck with me and loved me. I like to think I bring you some joy and happiness, that I’m an encouragement to you. But mostly, I just am thankful that you have given me grace and kindness. You’ve been home to me for more time than we’ve been married (so I’d say around 6 to 7 years). You’ve allowed me to grow and you’ve always been a great partner.

I’m thankful that you are the mom for our kids, a daughter-in-law to my mom and dad, an aunt to the nephews, and a place where I can rest. You are my sweetheart and a courteous appreciator of my humor. My prayer is that we will just grow and grow and become a blessing to other folks out there.


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