Because Our Life Can Be Stressful

I fear sometimes I add to the stress, but I try really hard to love you out of your stress. We just had a fun little conversation regarding how stressful it can be at the house for you–three little toddlers screaming for attention, getting attitudes, physically destroying stuff, each other, and you (those inadvertent head-butts can be a doozy.

One of the reasons I’ve been given to you (congratulations, by the way) is for me to be an outlet for you–an adult voice in the middle of your day, a person with some ideas, a guy with ears to hear. This one isn’t about any of your high quality traits.  This bit of ‘why I love you’ is because of the nature of our marriage–You need me to love you. I have a job to do to love you–a job I love and am so dang thankful for… I need the same from you, too. It’s not about a drudgery.

It’s an honor to love you when you have the stress. Please use me and let me give you a boost above the fray a little bit.


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