Because We Had a Great Time!

We just spent a couple days in Charleston, SC with our friends.  It was probably one of the most relaxed couple days we’ve had with each other since the twins came.

It was actually the most relaxed I’ve seen you in a while and that made me pretty happy. I hope you had as good of a time as I did!

It just made me want to be more diligent in looking for opportunities that you and I can unplug and just get out and do fun things together and with our little ones. We don’t have tons and tons of time, so we need to make sure we take the time that we do have together and have some fun.

When we’re going through our daily routines, I sometimes forget how much fun we have together. Sure we steal moments throughout the week, but just good, fun, relaxed time is tougher to come by.  So… I love you because we have good times together. (and you always get a local t-shirt).


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