Because You Are a Trooper…

I just got back in town after a 3 1/2 day (4 nights of getting 3 tots ready for bed) vacation with my dad and brother. I know it was a big chunk of time to be away and made both of us appreciate that I’m not a traveling salesguy (or traveling anything).

You were very supportive of the trip and I think you for that. You also did a great job in keeping things together while I was gone (not that I do a whole lot when I’m in town). Still, thank you for always holding down the fort wonderfully!

You’re a blessing to me and the kids. I hope you learn to see yourself more and more that way. You’re a tough chick. Learn to believe that you got everything in you to be a great mom. Whenever you get down on yourself, please know that whatever is causing the struggle is just a blip on the screen. God gave those little ones to us–for you to mother and me to father. He had to have given us the tools to do it. You are a great mom. Live in that and give yourself a break and continue to allow yourself to grow in it.

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