Because I’m Pretty Sure I’ll Miss You…

As you know (or will remember), I am going out of town w/ my brother and dad for my birthday.  Yes. I’m leaving you home by yourself with our three little angels. I do hope to have fun, to relax, to reconnect. But I already am missing you just a bit. I’ve not left yet, so I don’t really miss you yet, but I feel it down in the lower left hand corner of my gut.

My prayer is this: That you will have the most peaceful 4 days possible with our little ones. That they will listen and not scream and throw tantrums. I pray that you will have help from my mom and your mom and that you won’t even know I’m gone from a labor standpoint.  I pray that after the kids go down, that you’ll have sweet, peaceful alone time. That you’ll reconnect with God and yourself.  I pray that my vacation is a sweet little mini-vacay for you.

Also, I pray that a similar trip pops up in your favor soon. I would absolutely give my left kidney (maybe a ball) for you to have a trip w/ girlfriends. So I pray for that opportunity for you–that your friends’ schedules and husbands will back off enough so that you can go for a chill weekend somewhere. You totally deserve it.

Anyway… I love you because I know I’m going to miss you.

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