Because You Need It…

Sometimes one of the biggest motivators to love you is because you need it. There’s often nothing tangible I can do or any gem of wisdom I can give to you when you’re in a funk.  Just know that I’m totally in your corner.  The result is that my attempts at being loving aren’t helpful in the moment. It’s best if I do nothing but listen.  You can reprimand me if I try to dumb down your difficult moments with quick and assinine solutions.

I don’t know if you “feel’ the love, whatever that means in those moments, but please know that I’m thinking about you, praying for you, hoping for you that the day gets better, your heart is encouraged, etc. I apologize when I get exasperated at those times. That’s a “me” problem.  If there is an issue that we need to talk about later, then I need to have the balls to bring it up, but in those moments, you need to know that I’m with you. I love  you. Never forget that I’m there.  More than that, don’t forget the presence of God with you in each and every one of your moments. He’s right there.

So… one of the reasons I love you is because you need the love from this fallen dude. We all need it sometimes, and I’ve been given the opportunity to be the one to provide it for you.

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