Because You…

I just decided that I’m writing this for you and not for others, although I decided to set up a Twitter account to Tweet here or there about it. But since this is about you, maybe I should address the posts to ‘you’ instead of ‘she’.  I might have another post scheduled later that will say ‘she’, but I think it’ll be more fitting to use me some second person pronouns up in this piece.

Back to the post….

Because you… really sound sweet when you’re breathing in the bed next to me. Every  once in a while you have just a slight, ladylike… I can’t really call it a snore. But maybe a raspy thingie going on, but it just accentuates the soft ebb and flow of your breathing. I love it when you’re at peace. I love it when you get to rest. You deserve a lot more rest. I wish I could make it so you could have some more. Maybe we can sell some stuff on Ebay and hire a babysitter more often? Who knows. Or maybe I can stop writing this post and go call some clients!

Because YOU are a sweet sleeper, I fall a bit more in love with you not just during the day, but in the morning when I wake up early and hear you there. I want to take care of your sweet self.


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