Because She Listens To Me

Yesterday, I had a crappy day at work.  No major blow ups (although one might be coming). Nothing really to do about it but whine and then refocus and on to the next right action on something else at work.

I had the opportunity to talk to my wife and lay it all out. She really listened. And it really helped. She empathized perfectly. She listened, she clarified, she got angry where she needed to (thanks, sweetie).  One of my biggest problems has been forgetting she kicks butt as a listener. Heck, my mom (that’s right, my wife’s mother in law) took her to lunch and unloaded a trunk full of baggage (if, Mom, you ever read this–I’m taking a shot at being witty. All I know is that you shared with her and she told me she was really honored that you trusted her. She made no smart aleck comment about baggage. You know me and know that it is my job to be a smart ass).  

I have this huge gift of a wife who will listen to me gripe or share my stuff. We guys get in a lot of trouble when we stuff and forget that our wives just might be willing to listen to us (obviously it’s a good idea if we listen back).

For your sweet listening skills, I love you, sweetie.


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