Because We Have Some Great Little Kids

I couldn’t figure out how to word the title for this post: ‘Because she birth three great babies’? ‘Because she gave me wonderful children’?  She did birth them and while the second one is kind of true, she didn’t give them to me. They are ours. Together.

But I will say this: She’s, from a time spent perspective, responsible for so much of their, well, upkeep. Not just their upkeep, but their general winsomeness.  Sure they have occasional tantrums and can get under skin, but I kind of think they do pretty well with others, despite not yet having too many social outlets.  I’m happy to say that my wife does a kick ass job with them. And she and I get on the same page, which helps. We share what seems to work and not work, how we can be more consistent, how we can help stress-relieve each other as it relates to the kids.

A great bonus? She and I get along better with each other. Sharing our frustrations adds to our general intimacy tank.

Not sure if I stayed on theme, here, but I love her and because we have some great kids, I’m reminded how special she is, how hard she works, and how blessed I am.


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