Because She Is Starting to Take Some Chances…

My wife is, by nature, introverted. She’s incredibly personable in a group once she’s in the group, but at times, she struggles with wanting to jump in in the first place. 

Recently, she decided to volunteer to be a part of a moms’ group in town. She’s been a member of the group for a couple years now (it’s a mothers of multiples group and we have nearly 2 yr old twin boys), but just recently she volunteered to be the head of a committee: the outreach and ‘sunshine’ (I think that’s what it’s called) committee. She’ll reach out to women on bed rest in the hospital, new members, help coordinate any charitable initiatives, etc. This also puts her in with all the leaders of the group.

I know there are a lot of Type-A, president of the PTA type women (and men) out there, but my wife, by trade a staff accountant, is more of a behind the scenes type of lady.  This takes a little courage. I’m proud of her for it.

She’s so skilled in so many areas, and this is perfect: Nobody feels uncomfortable or ‘less-than’ around my wife. She has a way of putting people at ease that is a real gift. I love her regardless, but I’m proud of her for taking this chance of putting that part of her out there.


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