Because I Can Sense When I’m Missing Her…

This morning I woke up and left my wife a short note: ‘Tomorrow night, we need to have at least an at home date or a date-ish evening.”

I left the note because the last couple nights have been those busy type evenings. Tina is working on consignment sale stuff. I’m doing other chores. Last night I went to play tennis, came home and worked out. She was in bed by the time I was done.  I start to miss her. It seems I have a two evening maximum where we can do other stuff. What stinks is she has girls’ night tonight. Stinks for me, but she needs it. Having the three toddlers at her heels all day–she needs some adult female company!

So tomorrow night is us night. It might be as simple as going to pick up some food w/ throw away plates so we can be together and not have to clean the kitchen. I need me some Tina time.

I love that I miss her even when we’re in the same house.


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