Because She Yearns to Be the Best Mom She Can Be

This is a tough one. And following a few moms and dads on Twitter, I’ve discovered that my wife isn’t the only person who struggles with feelings of inadequacy as a parent. Heck, I feel it often. The other day at my parents’ house, my daughter had no problem giving an emphatic ‘No!’ to adult requests regarding her behavior. I was drained and spent and had a hard time parenting her in those situations. How do you train your kids to be blessings to others. But I digress, this is about my wife.

Tina kills herself mentally sometimes about her skills as a mom. I see her and watch her with the kids and know she’s an awesome mother. She takes care of them. She gives them fun things to do. She gets them out of the house. Three children 3 and under are a tough assignment for the best of us. 

I just wish I could sit her down and tell her that having occasional bouts of impatience, struggling with getting the kids to do exactly what they’re supposed to do every time, and a list of other moments do not a ‘bad mom’ make. Caring, trying, looking for opportunities, trying to grow. Those things, she does and those things, a good mom make.

So, for working so hard and desiring to be the best she can, I love her for those things.

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