Because She Keeps the House Together

I was thinking this morning when I reached into my underwear and t-shirt drawers that I’m pretty lucky to always have stuff in there. Keeping up w/ the twins and our daughter all day while doing laundry, folding it, and putting it away is a minor miracle.

I know women (a few men here and there) have been doing these chores for centuries, but it makes it no less amazing. Maybe folks in the past just didn’t realize how amazing it was. Juggling wanting to take good, attentive care of three kids three and under while getting a chore done here or there. It really is a feat.

So here’s to you, my wifey: I love you because you get laundry done and keep the house from falling into a pit of messiness while making sure our kids are loved and cared for. You’re a good woman!

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