Day 79 – I’m a Snore-Monster (Sorry!)

Unfortunately when I try to catch up on my sleep and go to bed first, my snoring prevents you from falling to sleep.

I’m sorry about that. But I am more than willing to take my place on the downstairs couch.

And since I couldn’t sleep, I got to watch a late night showing of The Secret of My Success. #FTW.

Day 76 – Mowing Lawns and Key Lime Pie

It was the first lawn-mowing of 2014.  It was mighty yellow out (due to the pollen) and I felt like I was mowing weeds and weeds alone.

I also learned what happens when you rake leaves into a pile in the fall and then wait until spring to actually do something with the pile

Big Brown Spot

But the fun part?

We got to go to my parents and eat grilled meats and key lime pie (which was your idea).

All in all, a nice Saturday. But yes, I do have to do better at taking care of our landscaping. We’ll put it on my honey-do list.

Day 75 – Fish Fry Friday (or Pizza Night in Your World)

We’ve been wanting to buy from one of these Catholic Friday Fish Fries (or if you’re talking about an event is it ‘Frys’ or should I just say Fish Fry Events?).

Anyway, I’ve been wanting this type of fare for quite some time. And finally our son Jake reminded me about it, so I got plates of fish and fries and cole slaw and cookies.

And I took it home and you promptly got in your car to go get a pizza because you don’t like fish.

I ended up eating everybody’s fish because the kids have their little picky 5 and 7 yr old palates. Jake, though, ate a big hunk of his. He liked it. I was proud! He and are are gonna hit Captain D’s! Fish Fry Friday!

Day 74 – Uh-Oh!!!!

Well, Day 74 was Thursday 4/10/14.

Today is Monday 4/14/14.

I’m sure we watched The Big Bang Theory or The Middle from DVR.

And I think we had Mexican of some sort.

Other than that, I’m drawing a blank. We’d had a stressful week, and I’d been very focused at work.

So consider this the first day that I really kind of sucked it up on this ‘Falling in Love (Deeper) Project‘.

Day 73 – Legoland, Your Welcome

We went to Legoland.

Well, I went with the kids and my mom and the nephews and sis-in-law and you had a few hours to yourself.

Your welcome.

Of course, you missed Lego magic but you also missed the Lego crazy.

We missed you!

King and Queen buildings in Legos at night Our little ones watching the Lego band Georgia Capitol in Legos