Day 73 – Legoland, Your Welcome

We went to Legoland.

Well, I went with the kids and my mom and the nephews and sis-in-law and you had a few hours to yourself.

Your welcome.

Of course, you missed Lego magic but you also missed the Lego crazy.

We missed you!

King and Queen buildings in Legos at night Our little ones watching the Lego band Georgia Capitol in Legos

Day 72 – Stair Diving and the Spring Break of 5 Year Olds

So apparently, my twin boys, during this spring break, are practicing for future spring breaks. All the way from doing stupid stunts to blaming each other for being at fault for doing stupid stunts:

"...why didn't you tell me it was a bad idea?!?!"

“…why didn’t you tell me it was a bad idea?!?!”

Day 71 – Challenges and the Future

May I be honest?

I wouldn’t want to live this particular evening over again. It wasn’t the the best evening of my life.

It was sad and stressful. And my manhood was on the line to a certain extent. Maybe it was on the line legitimately, maybe not. Probably a little of both.

Our discussions really centered around how well we could move forward and not be enslaved financially. We have to work together. We have to be committed to a plan and execute it.

I have to give my all at work or be proactive in finding additional work.

This is the case, though: We have to bring all of ourselves to the table at all times if we want to be an 80 year old couple that holds hands and looks longingly in each other’s eyes whenever we’re not eating lemon meringue pie.

That’s what I want. What can we do now, at 42 and 39 respectively, so we have the type of marriage at 80 that makes folk singers write songs about sweet old people love?

Day 69 – Slapped in the Face

Today I finally sat down to do taxes (about 10 days before the day of reckoning, AKA April 15).

I discovered that a decision made regarding retirement funds wasn’t done correctly.

As a result, my stupidity results in quite a different scenario this year as far as refunds and additional owed, etc.

I was a zombie the rest of the day.

I pray by the time you read this (my intention was our 10th anniversary, so I have 1 year and about a month), that we’ll have all of this under control. God willing and with quite a bit more discipline.

I’m sorry.

Day 68 – Pizza Night

It seems like I’m talking a lot about TV and food these days.


Truth told, we’ve been paddling through some rough-ish waters. Our house needs some updates and so forth, but for now, let’s focus on the delicious pizza we had Friday ┬ánight.

Pops (the patriarch of the office where I work) passed at age 90. I went to his viewing that night and you suggested I stop by a little pizza joint to pick up a pie and Greek salad. I suppose you were honoring Pops, who was the Greekest man I’ve ever met?

It was so, so good and was a great start to the weekend. the weekend didn’t end so well though, but I keep getting ahead of myself by bringing it up. I need to hold off. :-)


Day 67 – What Made You Laugh (The Middle’s Brick)

Mike coaches Sue in soccer.

Brick stinks of B.O. (Frankie’s line regarding the stench, “It’s somewhere between baby spit-up and rotting animal flesh”)

The Brick stinks because he completely unloads full bottles of cologne and deodorant and so forth all over himself.

Axl finally figures out that Cassidy’s painting was telling him that they were growing apart and breaking up.

Quite frankly, we watched this last Thursday (on day 67). Today is the Monday (I have a hard time doing the addition in my head, but around day 71) after that.

A lot has happened in the days between. But I’ll leave those items to the day they happened.

It was fun watching this episode with you. As per usual, your laugh was sweet and big all at the same time.

Hulu and Youtube don’t have clips or I’d post it here.