Day 170 – When heaven opened and poured out cheesecake

Day 170 – Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

One of our vendors takes us to the Cheesecake Factory every once in a while. Today, it happened.

A quick note – I hate how the Big Bang Theory makes the Cheesecake Factory look like it employs people from the Germany area of Epcot Center. I’ve never seen the waitstaff dress like Penny does in that show.

Anyway, as an excuse, I think, for her to buy her own self a cheesecake slice or three, our vendor always allows us to order a piece. And today, she let us order one for ourselves and our spouses.

So, we didn’t have to decide between Snickers and Reeses Cheesecake. We got both. It was awesome. We ate on those pieces of cheesecake for three days.

Cheesecake heaven

Cheesecake heaven

Day 169 – The splinter of horror

Day 169 – Monday July 14th, 2014

Really, anytime our kids get a splinter it is the splinter of horror. They fear greatly the tweezers.

It’s seriously the most frustrating near medical procedure that we have to do. That and cut the boys’ hair – also an exercise in herding cats or juggling squirrels.

Day 169

It is not an exaggeration to say that it always reminds me of those civil or revolutionary war medical scenes where the disheveled doctor digs out buckshot from a soldier’s behind.

Glad I was at work. :-)

Day 168 – When I realized I need to go on a diet via autocorrect

Day 168 – Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Today, you complained about your knee (you were actually talking about your ankle).

And I meant to ask if it was because of the two burpees you did to show me what a burpee is.

My phone ‘corrected’ burpee to ‘burgers.’ Apparently, my iphone figured shaming me is the best way to help me be more aware of my food choices.

168 Day


Day 167 – Sleepover at the Grands… so you can tag

Day 167 – Saturday July 12th, 2014

You are in full on consignment mode, so we went to my parents to spend the night and give you a free evening to tag and shore up all the things you’re selling at consignment.

I hope it was helpful.

Two things from our side:

1. Maggie really liked having the big upstairs bedroom to herself full with the big mirror.

2. The boys are cute.



Day 166 – “I almost fell oh gin”

Day 166 – Friday July 11th, 2014

Nope… I didn’t go old school with my cocktails last night.

Apparently, one of our sons climbed in the bed.

Don’t remember? Here’s proof via our awkward text conversation:

Day 166

Day 165 – The Best Picture in the World

Day 165 – Thursday July 10

Our boys were reading and our friend’s son decided to yell for no good reason.

It’s adorable, though.

Don’t you think?

P.S. Our not-even-in-kindergarten boys are reading Magic Tree House books. #obnoxiousprouddad

Quit Reading Punk!!!!!

Quit Reading Punk!!!!!

Day 164 – Nature, CE, and a Pirate Imitation

Day 164 – Wednesday July 9, 2014

Week of texts… (because today is Thursday 7/17/14 and I’m catching up).

I can’t show all of our texts (but not for the reason you think). We can’t air all our financial and personal bidness out there, yo.

But on this particular day, I started Continuing Education, we might have had another fly, and you went to the Nature Center w/ the kids. 

So there… and here’s proof (with my auto-correct not working, so I throw in a pirate-y ‘arr’):

Day 164