Day 173 – You went to Charleston and we did Costco

Day 173 – Friday July 18th, 2014

That’s the long and short of it.

I stayed home from work on this Friday so you could go to Charleston, SC with your best bud.

We went to Costco and got yogurt. Jealous?

Full bellies on the cheap Costco yogurt

Full bellies on the cheap Costco yogurt

Day 172 – The day our kids started eating real food

Day 172 – Thursday July 17th, 2014

We went to the great City of Roswell, GA’s ‘Alive after Five’ this evening.

As you know, the downtown area has two distinct sections. There’s the southern ‘Roswell Square’ and then there’s ‘Canton Street’ a few blocks north.

Our kids wanted to take the trolley, so we parked near the courthouse and caught the trolley/shuttle to the square where food trucks and a more family friendly atmosphere awaited.

I got this thing called the Pork Cheezy from the Ibiza Bites Food Truck. Unfortunately, it’s not on the menu, but this picture should show the glory.

Yes. It's good.

Yes. It’s good.

Well, usually it’s fun getting that type of food because we get to eat all of it. Our kids just want plan mac and cheese or a hot dog or whatever.

But we let them have a bite. And then they took another. And another. And another. And I was left hungry. But it’s good. I’m glad their palates are expanding to appreciate other food. Of course, how hard is it to like pulled pork over mac and cheese?

Kids gnoshing on food truck food



Day 171 – Tennis night

Day 171 – Wednesday July 16, 2014

It was sweet of you to come watch me play tennis.

And Instagram it.

I don’t look skinny, but as I always tell you, that’s not the right focus. I’m out, getting exercise. You and the kids watching me win a match (although the boys, apparently, were more interested in the towel I was using to wipe my sweat). Strange boys. Curious boys. The coolest boys ever.

And our little girl dropped her Rainbow Loom bands all over the ground (the horror!).

It was fun to have you there, although I must admit I felt more pressure. I wanted my sweet wife to be impressed by my athletic prowess.

Tennis anyone.

Day 170 – When heaven opened and poured out cheesecake

Day 170 – Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

One of our vendors takes us to the Cheesecake Factory every once in a while. Today, it happened.

A quick note – I hate how the Big Bang Theory makes the Cheesecake Factory look like it employs people from the Germany area of Epcot Center. I’ve never seen the waitstaff dress like Penny does in that show.

Anyway, as an excuse, I think, for her to buy her own self a cheesecake slice or three, our vendor always allows us to order a piece. And today, she let us order one for ourselves and our spouses.

So, we didn’t have to decide between Snickers and Reeses Cheesecake. We got both. It was awesome. We ate on those pieces of cheesecake for three days.

Cheesecake heaven

Cheesecake heaven

Day 169 – The splinter of horror

Day 169 – Monday July 14th, 2014

Really, anytime our kids get a splinter it is the splinter of horror. They fear greatly the tweezers.

It’s seriously the most frustrating near medical procedure that we have to do. That and cut the boys’ hair – also an exercise in herding cats or juggling squirrels.

Day 169

It is not an exaggeration to say that it always reminds me of those civil or revolutionary war medical scenes where the disheveled doctor digs out buckshot from a soldier’s behind.

Glad I was at work. :-)

Day 168 – When I realized I need to go on a diet via autocorrect

Day 168 – Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Today, you complained about your knee (you were actually talking about your ankle).

And I meant to ask if it was because of the two burpees you did to show me what a burpee is.

My phone ‘corrected’ burpee to ‘burgers.’ Apparently, my iphone figured shaming me is the best way to help me be more aware of my food choices.

168 Day


Day 167 – Sleepover at the Grands… so you can tag

Day 167 – Saturday July 12th, 2014

You are in full on consignment mode, so we went to my parents to spend the night and give you a free evening to tag and shore up all the things you’re selling at consignment.

I hope it was helpful.

Two things from our side:

1. Maggie really liked having the big upstairs bedroom to herself full with the big mirror.

2. The boys are cute.