7/31/14 Day 186 (pt 2) – Good habits and bad habits

Day 186- Thursday 7/31/14

We’ve had a couple interesting conversations recently. Conversations that don’t leave me feeling awesome about my skills as a financial provider.

I know this isn’t the place to air dirty laundry, but I wanted to give context.

You are the most important person in my life. And while you are the most important person in my life, I still can’t allow your ebbs and flows to determine my states of mind at any given moment.

Similarly, you can’t allow my moods to determine your current feelings.

I believe that’s what codependence is or what can lead to codependence.

I have to love you enough not to get swept up in your crazy when you’re going through a rough patch. And you can’t afford to allow yourself to get caught up in my crazy or feelings of insecurity.

The biggest thing, though, is we can’t get in the habit of giving ourselves over to our rough spots. Just because we feel something, doesn’t mean our actions have to follow.

And that’s something I’m trying to learn. If I don’t catch myself and correct myself or understand why I’m having an angry, insecure, lashing out moment, then it can lead to this habit of demanding my rights. I don’t have that right – not if my heart is to have a growing, healthy marriage and family.  If I give a crap about you and our children and our future, then nope, I don’t have the right to be a jerk and stay there.  Regardless of the circumstances, I gave up that right.

So… The point of this post is simply to recommit to keeping my side of the street clean. I need to be aware of my habits. And I need to watch myself.

And I need to love you unconditionally like Christ loves the church. There’s no person on this earth who is ALWAYS easy to love. Neither you nor I am always the sweetest, most lovable individuals in the world at all times. That’s too much to ask of anybody.

I love you when you’re unloveble. And I pray that you love me when I’m unlovable.  That’s a good habit to put into practice.

I love you. I love us.

8/1/14 – Day 187: Mini-Cheer Camp and The Day I Learned Emogees

Don’t believe that I learned to use emogeees? Check it:

2014-09-15 06.12.32

I used a pair of eyes to illustrate that I’d ‘see you then.’ See (there I go again0 how I did that?

The better thing about this day was our cute girl doing her mini cheer camp. Here’s a snap:

Go Fight Win!!!

Go Fight Win!!!


7/31/14 – Day 186: Ebbs and Flows

Thursday, July 31 – Day 186

Today was not an easy day (for you, which of course, means it wasn’t awesome for me either).

Back spasms. Tagging (consigning) with kids going crazy. And a few other things.

No worries though. The day is over (by about a month and a half as I’m finishing up this post).

One thing we’ve learned: Every day ain’t one of them walks in the park.

7/30/14 – Day 185: You’re an encourager

I was working on developing a new networking relationship that could potentially be very powerful for us.

I flubbed it pretty badly.

You reminded me, simply, that all I can do is my best. We have to trust God for the results. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

(Although I don’t think that means, in your world, that I should be a lazy slacker).

You often come through with that peaceful bit of commentary: Do your best, if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.


7/29/14 – Day 184: Your diligence

You amaze me with your diligence.  When you are into a project or have a goal, you are all in.

I appreciate your example here and love that I can trust you with something.

I’m much more flighty than you are. :-) I’m ADD. You are not. You make up for my lack in this area and it’s one of the little things that I love about you.

(you happen to be in consignment mode right now, so this trait of yours is very obvious).

7/28/14 – Day 183: I’ll keep this one to myself

We had a hilarious exchange via text.

I’ll never remember what it was, but I just wanted to mention it.

And since you’re more of a private person than I am, I won’t ever leave 2 hints here about what it might be. Don’t want to string you along.