8/10/2014 – Day 196: Ice Cream and Why You Love Me to Go to the Store

The main reason you love it when I go to the grocery store is because you like me to bring back stuff that you don’t normally get.

If we’re planning a sundae party at the house, you know I’ll get 4 different sprinkles, 3 different sauces, whipped cream, and 2 different types of ice creams and maybe waffle bowls and sugar cones.

If we’re planning a cookout, you know I’ll get stuff to make homemade salsa, guacamole, 3 types of chips, and ingredients to make two versions of sangria.

when you want us to stay on budget, you go to the store. :-)


Ice cream day

Ice cream day

8/8/14 – Day 194: Grilling Out on a Friday Night as Per Usual

I want a new grill

I want a new grill

I need a new grill.

You love it when I grill. I love to grill out for you.

One of my goals for 2015? Earn enough to buy you a new minivan or SUV and then get a grill. I don’t ask for much.

8/7/14 – Day 193: Stayt Night

The symbol of Stayt Night

The symbol of Stayt Night

If you can have a staycation, you can have a stayt night.

It’s my version of the ‘Stay at home date’.

You’ve been sick and while we had the house to ourselves and the kids were at my parents, we were planning on a date night out.

But since the aforementioned sickness and we were tired, it was pizza and a movie in. We had fancier pizza than Little Caesar’s, gourmet chocolate chip cookies from Fresh Market, and margaritas.

We watched Divergent – or, as I like to call it,  Hunger Games without bows and arrows.

And we had a wonderfully sweet, fun evening.

I love you and I love our date nights – whether they’re out on the town or in on the couch.

8/6/14 – Day 192: You Gave Me a Kitchen Pass!

There Mark is on the keyboards on the stage at the Tin Roof Cantina, sitting in with the Mike Veal Band – an Atlanta area party, wedding, corporate gig, etc. staple.

Mark celebrates his birthday the same way every year. And it’s one of the only times I get to see my old youth leader from church/mentor in a lot of ways.

Thanks for giving me an evening to go out, have a beer or two, a big fat Philly cheesesteak and listen to classic rock, funk, R&B, and watch a bunch of white-people-overbite-dancing.

MW's Birthday - Thanks for the Kitchen Pass

MW’s Birthday – Thanks for the Kitchen Pass