Day 165 – The Best Picture in the World

Our boys were reading and our friend’s son decided to yell for no good reason.

It’s adorable, though.

Don’t you think?

P.S. Our not-even-in-kindergarten boys are reading Magic Tree House books. #obnoxiousprouddad

Quit Reading Punk!!!!!

Quit Reading Punk!!!!!

Day 164 – Nature, CE, and a Pirate Imitation

Day 164 – Wednesday July 9, 2014

Week of texts… (because today is Thursday 7/17/14 and I’m catching up).

I can’t show all of our texts (but not for the reason you think). We can’t air all our financial and personal bidness out there, yo.

But on this particular day, I started Continuing Education, we might have had another fly, and you went to the Nature Center w/ the kids. 

So there… and here’s proof (with my auto-correct not working, so I throw in a pirate-y ‘arr’):

Day 164

Day 163 – Ants and Flies

This is the week of posting pictures of our texts. Since I’m over a week behind, I’m doing this to recreate the magic. Sorry… it was a rough week.

So on this particular day, the texts revolved around the fact that you wore the pest control hat. It’s summer in the suburbs, in a house built in 1980 with a heavily wooded area behind us. Plus we have kids who do things like drop an apple under a couch or leave the door open.

It simply makes sense that we’d run into an ant or fly here and there:

ants. flies. oh my.

ants. flies. oh my.



Day 163 - Tuesday July

Day 161- I have no clue

July 6th, 2014, Day 161

I will go ahead and say that I don’t have a clue what we did this day.

I know I took the kids to the 4:30 afternoon service at North Point Community Church.

And I was really mad because I got up to make waffles for ‘Breakfast at Wimbledon’ only to discover that ESPN was carrying the men’s final. Since we’re locals only right now, then I couldn’t watch it. I still made waffles.

They were good.

Mountain of Waffles

Mountain of Waffles

Day 160 – Breakfast, the Pool, and Mud

Day 160 – Saturday July 5th, 2014

So today I made plans to go over and see my parents and the Augusta branch of my family for breakfast. Our kids are around the same age as their kids and they always have a blast playing together.

They did. Today was no exception. And while the early morning wake up wasn’t tops on your agenda, you were as sweet and fun as ever.

I’m thankful that you are a good Daughter-in-Law. My family loves you and appreciates how you are skilled at dealing with my sorry butt. :-)

Then we went to the pool.

Then we came home and I made beef and cheese nachos. The kids have been wanting this for a while. I delivered with my homemade taco seasoning (not to toot my own horn but toot toot).

Then you and I watched the first hour of Mud. Made me want to go live on the Mississippi.

A strong base of chili powder, a healthy dose of cumin, then play with the rest (corn starch to thicken a bit)

A strong base of chili powder, a healthy dose of cumin, then play with the rest (corn starch to thicken a bit)

Day 159 – Happy Birthday America!

Day 159 – Friday, July 4th 2014

Today we had our friends over. Our fun family friends. The group of folks who our kids love, who you work out with, and who I drink beer with (in moderation, more or less).

Grilled burgers. Corn on the cob. Watermelon. Fireworks. About as basic and awesome as it can get.

These kids are the best, by the way:

2014-07-04 20.48.05

Day 158 – The continuation of Mission Dump Stuff

Day 158 – Thursday, July 3, 2014

A quick acknowledgement of those who read this who might not understand what the writer of this blog is trying to accomplish. Please check the about page. The ‘you’ is my wife. This is intended to be a gift to her on or around our 10th anniversary (which would be next year). I’m not sure why I’m counting days. I think I started on her birthday and am counting up to our anniversary (about a year and 3 1/2 months total). Now back to today’s entry…

I got home from work a little early and you were knee deep in declutter mode. You had completely redone our daughter’s room.

And miraculously, you were able to convince her to throw some stuff away. That is, my darling, no small feat.

So on this particular Thursday, you were rocking the trash bags. You were filling your consignment sale pile. You were, actually, revamping our daughter’s room to make it a whole lot more ‘friend-friendly.’

Thank you, sweet little home manager!

Day 157 – From Sweet Caretaker to Candy-Crusher

2014-07-07 06.18.44

So apparently my difficult tennis match gave me sort of an ‘exercise hangover’ into Wednesday.

You were sweet, suggesting I come home to take a nap. I couldn’t sleep that well the night before (to add insult to exhaustion).

In other news, you pashed a level in Candy Crush. :-)

Day 156 – My Tennis Match Nearly Killed Me

Tuesday – 7/1/14 – Day 156

This day is a blur.

You took our kids to see a movie and I played a 2 hour tennis match where I was completely drained.

I mean, it was tennis, so I don’t mean to be overly dramatic.

And I lost (as per usual these days).

And you made me dinner when I got home, which is awfully sweet of you because you are awfully sweet.

2014-07-01 19.44.20

I probably shouldn’t post this because it ain’t flattering.