7/25/14 Day 180 – Staycation Day 3: The Pool


On the Friday of our little staycation, we went to the pool. We snuck into that apartment pool somehow or another.

And we chilled with our friends. That’s my foot. It’s a good looking foot.


I believe that’s your foot way up to the left of the picture. Nice toes, yo!



2014-07-25 14.19.48

7/23/14 – Day 178 – Staycation Day 1: Tennis with the boys

I’m not sure what you guys did (and by you guys, I mean you and our daughter). But the fellows and I played a little tennis. Every once in a while Jacob decided that he needed to rest to read the novel adaptation of the movie Benji. Yes he’s not even in kindergarten and he’s rocking the novel. Move over chapter books.

Anyway… this isn’t about being an obnoxious proud parent.  It’s about remembering small moments and telling you how awesome you are. :-)

Reading Benji

Reading Benji

7/22/14 – Day 177 – Not a boy scout, but always prepared

School starts in a few weeks. You will make sure we have enough snacks for at least the first few days.

I’d be all like, ‘Snacks? They need snacks?’  Glad I have you!!!!



Day 176 – You’re Back and We Love Patty Melts

Day 176 – Monday July 21th, 2014

What better way to celebrate your return than with a delicious patty melt and steak fries?

There isn’t a better way than eating comfort food and Netflixing Royal Pains.

Glad you got home safely!

My heart and this patty were melting since you got home. :-)

My heart and this patty were melting since you got home. :-)

Day 175 – Rainbow Looms

Day 175 – Sunday July 20th, 2014

I wish I knew how to edit and upload videos on Youtube.

Today, while you were driving back from Charleston, I shot more video of our daughter’s attempts at instructional videos for her rainbow loom designs.

I love that she wants to do that. I’ve been thinking that if we can teach our kids how to learn to solve problems and put themselves out there for people, then we will have been successful parents.

Below are some of her former designs (since you can’t upload video to these WordPress sites):

The Rainbow Looms...

The Rainbow Looms…

Day 174 – You did Charleston, we did puzzles…

Day 174 – Saturday July 19th, 2014

It was a really hard puzzle. But you got it for us while you were gone because you’d knew we’d miss you so much that a puzzle would be the only thing to keep us sane without you. :-)

2014-07-19 11.30.08-1