8/17/14 – Day 203: The Random Broccoli and Cheese Soup Request

You called to ask for Broccoli and Cheese Soup when it was near 100 degrees outside.

I almost stopped at the drug store to buy a pregnancy test.

Such are cravings. :-)

8/15/14 – Day 201: Because Our Daughter Inherited Your Craftiness

I need to step up and put up M’s ‘how-to’ videos for her rainbow loom.

I’m so glad she got your creativity and craftiness. Below is her fancy gladiator rainbow loom anklet thingie. (I think that’s what it’s called).

Seriously, if she got her creativity from me, well… she just wouldn’t, then, be creative.

Rainbow Looming

Rainbow Looming

8/14/14 – Day 200: You’re better than baseball and beer

I try not to feel bad when I have to do things like go baseball games for work.

As a matter of fact, this is probably not a great way to tell you how much I love you.

I love you, though, more than baseball and beer. I really do. You’re much more awesome than that.

And today’s the 200th day of my deal here and this is all I got! Sorry! :-)

Work and Play

Work and Play

8/13/14 – Day 199: Thanks for the encouragement

I had a couple important meetings today.

Sorry to be so vague. If I could, I’d give you 1,000,000 dimes.

That’s kind of a hint.

Thanks for sticking in my corner. I needed you and you were there for me.

8/12/14 – Day 198: First Day of Kindergarten for the Boys

You were dreading this day.

You’ve spent time nearly every day with these two guys since conception. 10 weeks on bed rest in the hospital and at my parents trying to make sure that they were in long enough to come out healthy. You rocked as a pregnant mom although I know it wasn’t always fun.

Today, you watched them go off to the big school for the first time. You cried less than you thought you would because they were, for lack of a better phrase, going crazy in the house. Perhaps that was God’s way of lessening the blow.

But after they piled in the car, you got a little sweetly weepy. Your sweet boys heading off.

Not only were they going to school for the first time, but they would be in separate classes for the first time ever. They’ve had each other to lean on and play with since they were jockeying for position in  your belly.

But it’s time. It’s time for them to figure out what they are, ever so slowly, apart from each other. They are excited, yet obviously a little nervous.

You’ve prepared them more than you realize. You’ve been (and are) a wonderful mom to them. You’ve been able to relate to them and their quirks. You’ve given them fun adventures and have even helped me be a better Dad to them.

You’ve done well Ma. You’ve done well.

K and 2nd

K and 2nd